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Dear SCHA members and prospective members:

It's time once again for our annual membership drive.  We first want to thank all of you who have contributed in 2017, whether monetarily or in hard labor or both.  The efforts of your strong membership have allowed us to keep our 1743 Palatine House Museum open, keep the Creamery Building up and running, reinvigorate the Schoharie Valley Railroad Museum, and make some necessary repairs to our buildings on Depot Lane.  Your efforts aided in the fundraising activities of the two Antique Shows, the Heritage Craft Show, the 4 Depot Lane Singers concerts and the Holiday Craft Show that are so important as sources for working revenue.

Our director of the Schoharie Valley Railroad Museum, Andrew Muller, has been creative and enthusiastic with all of his dreams for the museum.  New additions are being made to continue with our RR story. The boxcar has been painted and is now in its new location.  The fountain has been painted and is now on a new concrete base. The grants made those projects possible.   It took three years, mountains of paperwork, and the perseverance of John Wilkinson, but we finally got the award!  There are now more plans for improvements if more funds become available.  A grant write committee is working on that.  Anyone wishing to help with grant writing, etc., just let us know.  Group tours are always welcomed with advanced notice—the kids love the railroad museum!  Our fall “Cocktails in the Caboose” fundraiser was enjoyed by all—yes, we are planning another.  Watch for details.

The l743 Palatine House Museum has been welcoming more and more visitors through the creative energies of Sue and Brian deBruijn.  Their understanding of the way the house was used has led to many improvements at the site.  Their programs for visitors are captivating and their ongoing research is uncovering more and more to share.  We welcome school groups, private parties, and need volunteers for the season interested in being docents, gardeners, researchers, etc.  Special events are always welcomed—picnics, meetings, school tours, special craft events—just let us hear from you!  Call the phone number above for your prescheduled events.

As our goal for 2018 is to increase the museums' profiles and educational programs, we would like to ask our members to consider a potential gift to keep this positive momentum going.  Consider upgrading your membership or send a gift.  We are in constant search of artifacts for each of our museums as well.  Should you have something in your collection that may be pertinent for either, or if you would like help researching anything, we would be happy to talk to you about it.                                  

Our Creamery Building on Depot Lane has been host to many events and private parties through the year. (It is available for rent!) It's the home of the Depot Lane


Singers and has been for almost 40 years.  They rehearse on Tuesday night under the direction of Mitch Haverly.  7:30 pm January 23 is the start for the 2018 season—come and see what they are all about.  If you love to sing, you'll love singing with them!  There are no auditions. The Creamery Building is also the location for the 42nd Holiday Craft Show in November.  The crafters spend hours making their wares to sell at this very popular three-day event.  If you are a crafter, give us a call and we'll try to get you in.  Or if you would like to be a volunteer in the kitchen or a greeter at the desk or a decorator before we open, we'd love your help!   

July and August are the months for our Children's Summer Performing Arts Program directed this year by Lillian Caza with co-progam managers, Sarah Cipperly and Niemh Schmid.  This program has been a special place for our young artists since 2002.  Plans are nearly complete for the 2018 program.  The kids will act, play instruments, sing and touch base with their artistic souls.  Contact the office for further details on this year's programs.

Our calendar of events is included.  There will be other events added as the year goes by, but this is the printed “start” for 2018.  We are open for business year round and would love to encourage any creative ideas for events that would add to our Schoharie community.  This organization is yours and we have increased our production of fun events each and every year because of you!  Give yourselves a big pat on the back and stick with it!  Together we can move mountains!!!

Become a member (see attached sheet), or continue your membership, and let's work together to make 2018 another productive and fun-filled year for Schoharie Colonial Heritage Association.  Whatever you can do is wonderful.

If you could send your tax deductible membership donation to us in the envelope provided by May 1st we would be most appreciative.

SCHA Directors and Officers:
Ruth Anne Wilkinson – President
Chris Osinski—Vice President
John Wilkinson – Treasurer
Debbie Tow – Secretary / Office Manager
Andrew Muller – Railroad Museum Director
Sue deBruijn—Palatine House Museum Director
Lillian Caza - Children’s Theatre Program
Joan Marciniak
Ed Truax
Maribeth Cutting
Robert Price
Arlene Price
John Osinski
Ann Kabei

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